Friday, October 14, 2011

I can see clearly now....

The windows have gone!

Our old windows were aluminum, or aluminium. Brown. Ugly. Hard to open, drafty, dirty, let in too much sun. There was nothing good about them.

Even so I underestimated the improvement new windows would make. Every room just looks better, is warmer, or cooler. Brighter. Here are some photos!

The front of our house before and after.

So much better!

I couldn't even see through the kitchen window before, it was so steamed up. And it was not washable!

Now I have a clear view into the garden, and can see the boys playing!

Our windows now open in For cleaning, you can even open them without help, which is useful in fires and such ;)
They also have a half lock, so you can lock them about 5" open, for safety.

We love them! Bathroom starts Monday eeek

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Jenni said...

You have SUCH a cute house! I was going to say that it looks a lot like the house we are buying. But not in its current condition. We are going to be doing some remodeling/painting, fixing up, etc. and when it's DONE it will look as cute as yours - haha :)