Monday, September 19, 2011

Allister is 18 months.

This little cutie turned one and a half this month!! He is at the funnest age ever! Seriously, it's adorable. I remember Harrison being this age and you just want to eat them up there so sweet :)

Allister is saying sentences now, and all sorts of words! He says things Harrison never said. That's having a 3 year old brother for you!

Batman, superman, bad guy, and green lantern are a regular part of his vocabulary. Along with teem umizoomi, bubble guppies and "Die!! Die!!". Yup, I know. But what's a mum to do! I have no idea how he learned that.

He is getting his canines so this will be the last of the baby teeth apart from his 2 year molars. Yay! He got his left top and bottom this last weekend and the others are working their way in.

He's running around after Harrison all day long. He idolizes his big brother it's so so sweet. "hanon hanon" are some of his favorite words. I love to see their friendship blossom as Allister becomes more able to relate to his older brother.

I took these cute photos today, as soon as you get the camera out Allister says cheeeeese and puts on his best smile!

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