Sunday, September 11, 2011

English vacation: Monday.

After a relaxing morning we spent a day in Brighton! These photos are from a few different days we spent in Brighton. Oh how I miss this city!

During our Brighton visits, we wondered around the laines and made our way through some yummy cakes! English donuts, ice buns, bakewell tarts! Lots of the yummy cakes you can't get from the US. This is an old school photo of the laines, as I didn't take one. I was too busy eating cake.

We went to the Palace Pier. Is it still called that! I think it may just be Brighton Pier now? It's fun being a tourist in your own town. It's been years since I had fun on the pier.

The boys loved all the games and lights and rides!

No visit to the pier would be complete without a cheesy photo!

Taking in the view.

An English telephone box and an English post box. You don't see so many of these now as they've all been replaced with modern alternatives. Harrison thought they were cool, and if he'd seen an episode of superman, changing in his phone box, he'd have loved them even more!

cheeky boy :)

We went to Wagamamas. One if the restaurants I miss so much! They have one in Boston, but it's a long way to go for a Katsu Curry! The boys loved the food there, and I got my fix.

We spent some time walking the boulevard, this didn't really exist when I was growing up in Brighton. It's improved a great deal and there's lots to see and do and it's very well kept. We spent some time on the beach throwing pebbles and running around. The boys, and I, love the beach.

An English tourist bus.

Harrison asked to go on this little kid roller coaster for days and days! We let him ride it on our second trip into Brighton and he loved it! As you can see he's grinning form ear to ear! The other boy with him was a Harrison also. It's a much more popular named there.

We we very lucky with our weather. England is beautiful in the sun and rain though. I had forgotten how much cooler English summers are, I've acclimatized so much to the Ohio heat now. This is the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. A palace where the Prince Regent lived. He was very extravagant and the inside is decked in gold and more elaborate than the outside. It's worth a visit if your in England ever.

Chilly and wrapped up from the rain on a typical English summers day!

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Jenni said...

I'm just now reading this blog - your pics are soooo cute! I'm still baffled at how similar our families are with both of our hubbies being runners and fair skinned/freckly, and the fact that we both have 2 boys almost the same age. Crazy!