Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Best Friends Wedding.

As you know we just returned from a visit to England! And what fun we had :)
Our excuse for traveling 11 hours or so on two airplanes, with a one year old, and a three year old? My best friends wedding! I wouldn't have missed her special day for the world! Especially since I was unable to make my other BFF's wedding because she selfishly planned it for the time I was about to deliver Allister! Fortunately, Emma had her priorities right, and planned her whole wedding around the fact that the Blakes could come! (All of that is of course a lie, Lisa was not selfish, and it was pure coincidence we could make it! Just in case some people have a sense of humor failure and don't get my silly satire!)

So we left Ohio one early Thursday morning, and flew to Atlanta. So far so good right! We had a long layover, then boarded our flight to the UK. The flight was not fun, but that's another story entirely. We arrived at London Gatwick early Friday morning, England is 5 hours ahead. With no sleep. Needless to say it was a fun afternoon. Again, more on that in another post.

After a night of far more sleep than the bride to be, we headed to Worthing to the wedding!
A little bit of history first: Emma is my oldest friend. We met (so I've been told) when I was around 3. We've been friends since, some 33 years! Wow that's a very long time! My earliest memories are mostly of Emma. And many more between then and now. We've gone our separate ways over the years, due to living separate lives in separate towns, city's, countries, but always come back to this. Being best friends.

Here she is with her Daddy Ken being walked down the aisle.
I was very emotional, I hadn't seen Emma since my own wedding almost 5 years ago!

Saying her I Do's to Jason.

Mr & Mrs Parker!
Emma and Jason took Emma's last name. How modern family of them!

Matt and I at the church.

Auntie Jules and Uncle Gary singing their hearts out! Emma and Jason chose wonderful hymns!

The look on Emma's face says it all :)

Matt and I outside the church. All dressed up for a change!

Emma and Jason in their beautiful classic car.

Me and my beautiful Sis.

Emma's Mum and Dad. Marilyn and Ken. This is a rare lovely photograph! Anyone who knows Mal knows it's tough to get her in a good photo!

Enjoying the reception with a smile!

I think you'll agree that Emmy-Lou made a stunning bride! I was so SO very happy to see her so very happy.
The boys and the rest of the Blakes joined us in the evening for a little dance. And so our vacation started on a high!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh what a lovely blog, wish u could be here always xx

Claire said...

Glad you liked it - assuming this is you Em!- I wish I could to. Maybe one day! Then you'll move to Affrica or something.