Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

Harrison is 4 months old today, Happy Birthday Little Guy!

I cant believe how fast the last 4 months has gone, i know that is so cliche, everyone tells you it will go fast, but you really don't GET IT till you have a baby of your own!

So, here are some of the accomplishments he has achieved so far.......
Allot of these notes are for my future benefit so sorry if some seem mundane!

He grabs his feet....In fact, he grabs anything he can fit into his hands and puts it in his mouth!

He can sit for a few seconds on his own

He smiles and laughs

He can hold his head up for ages

He can roll from tummy to back, but he doesn't :-)

He can almost roll from back to tummy

He can take his Binky out of his mouth, and put it back in, just not the right way round!

He recognizes mummy and daddy (and Guinness!)

He can, and does, sleep 11 hours at a stretch! Woohoo!

He sucks his thumb

He can pull himself up from a reclined position

He can spin the wheel on the Bopbadoooaaah!

He is wearing mostly 6 month and 6-9 month clothes

He is in size 2 pampers
He eats 4 or 5 times a day and is still exclusively breastfeeding

Here is Harrison playing DJ

Here is his 4 month old picture

He is so tall!

"I am this tall Mummy!"

He looks like his Mummy as a baby here.

This was Harrison a week old.

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