Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Garden

This last weekend Grammy and Pooh Baah Blake came up to help us tackle our garden! We have been rather embarrassed about the outside of our home, as we have been concentrating on the inside. We still have to paint the trim, and work on the back but here are some photos of what we did.

See those big UGLY bushes in front of our front windows?

Can you even see the windows?

We got rid of those.


And put in some nice new shrubs. We dug out the little red tree blocking the front door.

We planted the flower bed by the road.

We planted lots of spring bulbs too! We really wont see the benefit until the spring.

And we changed the old lights too.

We are very happy with our new front garden (or Yard!)

It was hard work, those bushes and trees are hard work to chop down (apparently!)

THANK YOU Grammy and Pooh Baah (Bill and Kathi)

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Jules said...

rest in peace ugly bushes...I liked you :o(