Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Weekend.

Harrison had a busy weekend! We went to BW3's to watch the Penn State game, Harrison now loves to watch TV. He is amazed by all the movement, even Oprah! I guess I have to be careful what I watch now. I am going to try and avoid him watching any TV as long as possible, it is recommended to wait till they are 2 years old, i am not sure if we will manage that long, but we will see how we go.

Anyway, after the football we attended Jonathon's first birthday party which was such fun! Harrison didn't have any birthday cake, so Matt and I had extra to make up for it.
On Sunday Matt and I took Harrison and Guinness for a nice walk, it was such a glorious day!

Here are some photos of our weekend.

Jonathon enjoying the chocolate cake.

Our walk in Sunday.

All smiles on at the half way point of our walk. The last few times i walked this path it took me forever as everything hurt! It felt so easy this time which was great, and I can walk faster than a snail again!

This week Grammy is visiting so Matt and I can go out to a gig! I am so excited to get a night out, Matt and I have had 2 nights out since we became parents, we had dinner at Jasons and my sister Jules looked after Harrison, and we went to see Radiohead while Aunt Barb and Uncle Tom watched Harrison, so it will be fun to get out again!

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