Monday, October 20, 2008

Marathon Matt

On Sunday Matt ran his 10th Marathon. I think you'll agree that's quite an achievement! Congrats Matt I am very proud of you, it takes a huge amount of determination to run like you do, and maybe a little bit of craziness too ;-)

Here is a photo of the 3 of us before the race. I had to wake Harrison up at 5.30 to feed him and get him ready, he handled it so well and wasn't grumpy at all! He slept 3 hours that afternoon though!

Matt at the 9 mile mark i think.

All smiles after the race.

Matt finished in 2hrs 58minutes and 36 seconds. What a great time.
After the Marathon Grammy and Pooh Bah (Bill and Kathi) helped us plant a new tree in our back garden. Its a weeping flowering cherry. I cant wait to see it in full bloom in the spring.

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