Monday, October 27, 2008

Where to start?

First things first: SHOES!
As any Mom will know, when you get pregnant your feet grow. I have been living in flip-flops or too tight shoes since I got pregnant, hoping, no PRAYING, my feet would return to their nice normal pre-preggo selves. No such luck!
So, I mentioned to Matt that I needed to replace my "Shoe Collection". He suggested i think of it more as "Some Shoes" than an actual collection. Anyway, I started with 3 pairs, Trainers, Comfy winter walking anytime shoes and some nice heels for Dates and such. My "Collection"Still needs a lot of work as far as I am concerned but its a start.
Oh and I almost forgot, I used to wear a size US7.5/UK5 I am now a US9/UK6.5!!!! Can you believe 1 1/2 sizes! Crazy feet! If you have big feet already and have a baby you must end up with giants feet!

The start of my new shoe collection.

The Game.
On Saturday night we stayed in and all watched the Penn State Vs OSU game. Matt should probably be blogging about this, but anyway, it was a BIG deal! PSU had not won at OSU for 30 years. I have never seen Matt so worked up, he was pacing the floor like those men in films waiting outside a delivery room! Anyway, PSU won, thank goodness! Go Penn State!

My Boys: Before the game.


On Sunday we did more gardening, we dug out more big ugly bushes in the back garden. I have not taken photos yet, but I took one of Harrison in his new hat! He just chilled outside and watched us while we worked!

Harrison in his cute hat.


Harrison decided to eat his feet for the first time. I wish I could still stretch like that!

Harrison eating his feet.

The big FOOD finale!

We tried Harrison on solids on Sunday night! It was a mixed experience.....
We made up 1 tsp of baby rice cereal and 3 tsp breast milk. Its a lot like just milk at this point, just to get him used to eating off a spoon and to practice using his tongue. Here's how it went!

Waiting in his Highchair.
Ooooh whats that!

Mmmm i think i like it.
Let me have some more please!

Ok, I have had enough now!
So that was our weekend!

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