Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

So we dressed Harrison up as Tigger for Halloween. We think he looks adorable! I am sure you will agree.

Our baby boy is growing up fast!
On a side note....this last week Harrison has not been his usual self, in fact i wouldn't be surprised if some baby snatcher swapped him for a grumpy baby! Matt and I put it down to the cereal, so we have stopped with it for now, we're just not sure he was ready for it yet. Even though we stopped the cereal Wednesday, he has still be rather fussy, even crying! OMG Crying! Harrison NEVER cries! I have found out what its like this week to actually have to work at being a good Mum! Anyway, he seems a lot better today, so lets hope that's all over and done with.
Happy Halloween!

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Jon and Christy said...

Love the Tigger costume! Great pick!