Thursday, August 5, 2010

Allister and his food.

So as you can see form the new post below we've been busy introducing Allister to all sorts of new food! He is doing great and all of a sudden these last few days has really gotten into it. He's opening his mouth wide and wanting more and more!

This is what we have introduced so far, in the right order.

Rice cereal
Butternut squash
Oats and barley
Avocado (He wasn't too keen on this!)

Soon to come, Sweet potatoes are being made as I type, then peas and green beans. then Ill try maybe some root veggies like rutabaga and parsnips. Whatever I can get organic!
I'm hoping as he is eating more he will start to sleep through the night more, he goes from 8pm till 4/5am some nights now.

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