Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poor little Allister

We took a trip to the doctors today because I notice a little lump on Allister's eyebrow yesterday.
Don't worry, its nothing to panic about!

He has a cyst :( and he will need it removed at some point.
If you look at the previous photos you can see it on his eyebrow on his right eye. I am thinking its been there a while, but only now has it got big enough to notice. The doctor assured me its nothing to worry about, just an very ordinary cyst. But it will very likely continue to grow, and being its on Allister's face, and near his eye, removal will be the best way forward. We wouldn't want him to a: look funny, and B: for it to interfere with his eye site or cause any permanent damage.

We have been referred to Children's hospital, and will likely meet with a plastic surgeon in the next couple of weeks. They will discuss whether we should "watch and wait" or go ahead and get surgery done soon. They wont perform surgery until he is 6 months old, but I would rather wait till he is a lot bigger than that, as they will need to have him anesthetized. I guess it will depend on how big it grows and how quickly.
I'm not worried at all about the cyst, but I am concerned about surgery, he's way to young for all that :( and when the day comes I am sure I will be a wreck, but for now its nothing to worry about.

Here is a recent photo I posted of Allister eating his cereal, you can see the lump on his eyebrow, it's so funny how I hadn't even noticed it till now! Its about the size of a very small pea right now.

I'll keep you all posted of events to come.

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