Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We had almost forgotten what normal was!

After many bouts of sickness over the last 3 weeks, and Harrison being out of sorts with his lack of naps I had almost forgotten what our "normal" was. Well, this week its back.
And it feels good!
When the house is not running at full steam, things just don't go smoothly, and all the rules and plans go out of the window. We watch too much TV and don't do enough fun stuff, we stay in the house too much because we are all out of whack, and everything seems to slip.
Then, when things start to get back to normal, and we feel better, it takes a week to get our grove back. The house especially gets so messy and dirty when I am sick, and it seems to take days to put it all back together.
Well, we are almost back on track!

We are going out most morning, running errands, the park or playing in the sand box, and then back home for lunch and then naps. Naps are back BIG TIME! Harrison is napping so well right now, with his potty training all done, he is now waking up earlier in the mornings than he used to, as he needs to pee. His is pretty much dry most nights and naps now, and we only have a rare accident during the day. Mostly because he wants to eat or do something super exciting that he just cant be bothered to go, even when reminded. Some things are just way more interesting than peeing don't you know! I put the dry nights down totally to these night time sleep pants. they are pretty much like cloth diapers, but slip on just like underwear. They are super thick, the photo doesn't really show how thick. But as Harrison was taking off a nappy and pull-up these have been great. they only hold about 1 pee, so when Harrison first started using them he would wake up wet in the middle of the night, and we changed sheets a lot for a week or two. But now he knows when he pees, they have trained him to sleep dry at night most nights. Occasionally he will wake up and need to go potty at night, but most mornings he wakes up dry, its pretty awesome!

The bug that Harrison had recently was a bad one, its only now he is 100% well again. After the sickness he got diarrhea, and we had a couple of messy incidents, but mostly he made it to the potty. Then I got sick Tuesday night, very sick. I can honestly say I don't think I have ever had a stomach virus as an adult, all my throwing up has been totally self inflicted if you know what I mean. Well, I was up all night ill, and them Matt had to stay home Wednesday to watch the boys as I was too ill. Then he got sick too, but he got off lucky (although he wouldn't say that!) as he felt terrible but didn't get too much of the other symptoms. I guess I need to get used to these bugs working their way round the whole gang! Allister stayed healthy and strong, thanks to his extra breast milk antibodies I guess!

Allister is finally sleeping through the night.
Can I get a "whoop!"
Thank you.
He goes from 7:30-8pm when he goes to bed, right through till 6 am at least. Its so nice to be catching up on some sleep! He is stuffing his face like crazy with his solids now, and tries to grab the spoon and bowl and feed himself, so finger foods will be coming soon, he is so ready! He is eating fairly chunky food now and says "mmmmmm" all the time.
He still isn't quiet sitting up, but it wont be long! He sits for a little while, so he is working on it! He only has 1 or 2 lbs left till he outgrows his infant carrier, so he needs to sit soon or I wont be able to sit him anywhere!

Anyhow, I'm off to grab a few minutes of quiet time while both the boys sleep.

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