Sunday, August 8, 2010


We went shopping for Harrison's new clothes for fall, and some for winter, this weekend.
He's outgrown all of his clothes from spring, I guess that's normal though right?
We got him 3T trousers and 4T tops, jumpers and a fall jacket.
We also got him size 10 shoes, this boys got huge feet. I think the average size for a 2 year old boy is 7/8. Maybe his feet will slow down, otherwise he is going to need special size shoes when he is older ;)
Anyway, just thought I would update how my little man is growing so big.
He also has a bad cold at the moment, you can tell he feels like poo, his eyes are all red and watery, and he is coughing and has the snottiest nose.
Poor little guy.

I've also been busy sorting through Harrison's old clothes for Allister. They are so out of sync! Allister is in size 9months or 6-9 months right now. Almost all of Harrison's clothes that size are winter clothes, and then when Allister moves into Winter clothes he will be in 9-12 months or 12 months, Harrison's will be mostly summer! I don't mind, I love to clothes shop for the boys, and I love Allister to get new clothes instead of all hand-me-downs. The other nice thing is that any clothes Harrison didn't get to wear because they were out of season gifts. Allister is now wearing, and add the fact that some of Harrison's clothes were too wide for him and looked silly, he was a long and thin baby, so they fit Allister just fine!

Anyhow, this is probably only interesting for me ;o)

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