Monday, August 23, 2010

A BAD first!

I have been dreading this first!
We spent last night cleaning up vomit and taking care or poor little Harrison.
He started being ill around 11:30 last night, then was up being sick every 30 minutes or sooner all night and through this morning. The poor little guy was so good, he handled it so well. Almost as well as Daddy Matt when Harrison threw up all over him this morning!
He has a mild fever and the sickness has slowed down, I am waiting a call from the Doctor to see if they want to see him, but I'm sure they don't as long
as he starts to keep something down, he wasn't even keeping water down this morning.
He keeps asking for food and drink so I have given him 1/4 apple and banana, he wants more but I am scared of the mess! Why do kids always throw up on the carpet?
He's sucking on a ice-pop right now as I thought he would have to eat it slowly!

So the doctor just called back, and said it sounds like a virus. He has since had a little diarrhea, so to follow the BRAT diet, Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. Once he is keeping liquids down, I guess the apples and bananas he already had are close match! He is a lot better, and hasn't been sick for almost 2 hours, I may risk some toast for lunch then hope we can all take a very long nap!

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