Thursday, August 12, 2010

Toys Toys Toys.

We have a lot of toys in this house.
We have a lot of friends and family who love to buy gifts for our boys, and we are so thankful, as are the boys! We also love to spoil them, seeing them have fun with things we bought them is such a joy. More fun than I ever thought it would be! When we were at the mall the other day we went into the Disney store, of course Toy Story paraphernalia was everywhere! So we bought Harrison a Woody doll. He has a full size Buzz from Nana and Evan, so he needed Woody to match!
His little face lit up and his body trembled and vibrated like it always does when he is super excited!
He plays with his Woody and Buzz everyday, all of them.

Here is Woody and Buzz- full size - in Harrison's Toy Story chair.

Here is a soft magnetic version that's from a book.

Here are mini inch high Woody and Buzz.

And here is in-between size Woody and Buzz with the little guys.

And finally the gang all together.....

There's even a Bullseye in there if you look closely.

Harrison even has a Ball.

And a cup!

Any ideas what Harrison's favorite movie is right now?

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