Friday, August 13, 2010

Another lock situation......

We had another unintentional lock-in at our house.
This is the third time recently that one of has been locked in or out! As you may remember a while back, we all (excluding Allister) got locked in our bedroom, then one day Harrison and I were out on the porch to clean the patio door glass, and we both got locked out there! Thankfully the garage door was open so we walked round in our jammies :)

So this week I put Harrison down for his nap, and then went about my business. After about an hour I could still hear him playing so I went to go get him up. When I tried the door it was locked. We don't have a key, or if we did I have no idea where it went! And it wasn't one of those locks that you can poke a screwdriver in, nope. No hole, no screws to remove it, nothing!
So I call Matt in a panic, and he rushes home. In the mean time I try and get Harrison to open the door.
Me "Harrison can you unlock the door?"
Harrison" Ok Mummy"
"Turn that little circle thing in the middle"
"Ok Mummy"
I hear fiddling with the door.
Me "Can you do it?"
"Go on then, open the door, turn the lock that you turned"
"Ok mummy"
fiddle fiddle.
This goes on for the 20 minutes or so it takes Matt to arrive.

We try and pry the cover off the door knob, but it doesn't budge, and with no other solution Matt kicks down the door.
Harrison screams.
Then he announces in a very proud voice
"We did it!"

Thats my boy(s).

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