Monday, July 19, 2010

All but done :)

This is a potty training update, so if you don't want to read about bodily functions bail out here!

There are many definitions of when a child is considered potty trained. And there is some argument over whether some children are potty trained, or its their parents who are actually potty trained, because they take them to the bathroom, or undress them, or ask them constantly when they need to go.

That being said I now consider Harrison to be Potty Trained. He is not 100% done, but we are about 80% there. He will take himself to the loo, most of the time, pull down his underwear and go. No1 and No2.
He needs help with clean up and hand washing because he can not reach the tap!
for reaching this awesome milestone, at the grand young age of 25 months :)

There are a few things we are still working on.
1- Pulling down our underwear need more practice-
Then we will add trousers and work on those too.
2: Letting me know when he has to go, he takes himself and so I go in after him and help him finish up, and check he remembered to take off his underpants.
3: Naps- We are not yet clean through a nap, but only because he hasn't figured out he needs to go before he naps! We only ditched nappy's at nap time on Friday, and I really do think it was the turning point for doing no.2s on the potty, he figured out he couldn't save them for nap time, so he had to do them somewhere!

Then we can work on night time, but I think that may take a while yet.
I think the Cold Turkey method worked for us, and I will post a step by step of how we did it for those who are interested. I really think it only took 3 days to get to an understanding.

I'm hoping all the day time steps will be complete before he starts his Moms Day Out program in September. We have 7 weeks, so I think that's plenty of time. We have not had an accident during awake day time since Friday. Now we will have to leave the house in underwear and see how that goes!

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