Friday, July 16, 2010

Allister's 4 month well check.

Allister did great at his appointment today, he had 2 shots. He didn't even notice the first one, and SCREAMED with the second, but only briefly! He came home and had a good nap!

His stats:

Weight: 17lb 10oz (95th %)
Height: 26 inches ( 90th %)
Head: 43.3cm (Greater than 97th%)

He is almost 18lb my big boy, but is not off the charts this time, I guess that's why he has been hungry and feeding more, he wants to maintain his curves :)
His head shot up allot, my Doctor said it nothing to worry about as he is just trying to catch up with the rest of him!

He is doing everything he should, giggling lots, rolling and grabbing at things.
She sat and played with him for ages and said if all babies were as good, cuddly and giggly as him she'd have more!

She said to go ahead and give him fruits and veggies whenever we want as he's taking to the solids so well. So I'll be making more baby food very soon.

His next appointment is 6 months.

Harrison was very well behaved this visit, he sat and played nicely, and didn't peel all the posters off the wall like last time. That was a relief! I think he was happy the shots were not for him.

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