Saturday, July 17, 2010

A day in the life of.....

A stay at home mum.
A potty training, breastfeeding two under two (can I still say that?) mum.

I read this article the other day and it inspired this post. What do we do all day?
So I thought it would be interesting for others, and me to look back and see whats did I do all day?
I mean other than blog and play on Facebook.

So here is my day today, we are staying home right now as we are potty training, so we get more bored than usual and watch a lot more TV than we would like! After potty training is more complete (is it ever actually complete? ) We will wean the TV some, but right now we need to stay close to home!

3:50 am: Allister wakes for a feed, I go in his room, feed him for 20 minutes or so. Return him to his crib and see if he falls back to sleep. Yay! He does! So do I. I am trying to get Allister to sleep longer at night, so we are trying to keep him in his crib instead of our room. This is new this week.

6:30am: Matt brings me a nice cup of tea! My lovely well trained husband! This is when I should get up, go to the basement and work out, but instead I go back to sleep.

7:00am: I get up, drink my still hot tea, check email on iPhone, look at blogs, use the bathroom (sorry lol). Go downstairs and let out Guinness, feed him, pick up any stuff lying around.

7:45: Brush teeth!

8:00: Feed baby who has woken. Get him washed and dressed.

8:30: Put baby in bouncy chair, shower, get dressed and ready. Harrison wakes up while I'm in the shower, i leave him to play happily.

9:00: Get Harrison up, he has taken off his nappy and his pj's, thankfully no pee or poo to clean up though! I get him washed, brush his hair and teeth, Put on underpants and a shirt.

9:15: Go downstairs armed with 2 boys. Lay Allister on his play mat. Fix Harrison grapes, 2 eggs and 1/2 a bagel.

9:30: Go read 2 books to Allister. then lay Allister down for his morning nap while Harrison finishes his breakfast. Return to find Harrison has thrown half of his grapes on the floor saying "one, two, three, six, nine!". Followed by half the bagel. I eat 2 eggs and the other half of the bagel. Pick up grapes, wipe floor.

9:45: Clean up Harrison, ask him if he need to go potty. Do dishes, clean kitchen. Harrison runs to potty and pees, yay! We wash hands and he gets a small treat.

9:55: Baby is still not asleep, I go up to see whats up. He has a dirty nappy, i change it, then rock him to sleep and hope Harrison isn't up to something! I enjoy the cuddle time :)

10:30: I go online, start this blog, check email and Facebook. Its so addictive! Harrison whines for Toy Story- I give in as we are staying home. And I know he will stay near the potty that way. He pees on potty again. Repeat treat and wash hands routine. I google info on potty training.

10:45: I put on a load of laundry, Thursday is towels day. Clean Guinness's dog bowls, clean kitchen and kitchen table.

11:00: Harrison runs to big boy toilet, pees, his pee shoots over the toilet potty seat all over the floor. I clean it up and remind him to point his penis down. We wash hands, he doesn't mention a treat so nor do I!

11:15am Harrison asks for a snack, I fix him a drink and snack. He runs to the big toilet and again his pee shoots on the floor! I catch him in time to get some in the potty.

11:30 Baby wakes, I go get him. We come downstairs I get ready to feed him. Then Harrison needs potty again! Is this boy made of pee? I put Allister back down, go in the bathroom and make sure he does it in the loo. Wash hands, have treat blah blah blah.

11:45: Nurse Allister, he waits so patiently! I guess he is used to it! We put on WorldWorld and Harrison snuggles next to me while I nurse. we have already exceeded the 2 hours a day of recommended TV! I play pat-a-cake and sing songs with Allister while WorldWorld finishes. Harrison sits on my shoulder because he is jealous, but he kisses the baby too so its ok :)

12:00: I go get some bread from the freezer, and something for dinner. Time to make lunch. I Quickly update this blog. Harrison plays and Allister watches from his mat. Its a well used mat! I'm hoping Harrison poops before his nap, and also that he is done peeing for a while! I fix leftover Lasagna for lunch with carrots and cucumber. Harrison decides he doesn't want the lasagna, so I get him some crackers and cheese. He eats the crackers like Cookie Monster saying "Yum yum yum!" and there are crumbs everywhere! I do dishes while he eats and then change over the laundry. Let out the dog.

12:45: I clean him up, the table up and the floor up. This takes a while! He goes pee, mostly in the potty. We wash hands again. He doesn't ask for a treat, i think we don't need them anymore, just the first couple of days.

1:00 We play on the floor for a bit. I play pat-a-cake with Allister and sing Skinnamarink song. He giggles, its my favorite! Harrison plays with his 2 singing Easter ducks. He giggles too, that's also my favorite!

1:30: Time to nap! We all go upstairs, I change Allister's nappy. Harrison does the "Charlie Chaplin" walk. I ask if if he needs to poop, he gives me a look. I tell him to sit on the potty, he jumps off and says "All done!!". I tell him he has to sit on the potty, so he gets back on and he does his poopers! Yippee! We wash hands, again! I read 2 books to Allister, "Goodnight Moon", and "That's not my train!" Harrison climbs in the crib and plays with his brothers stuff. I put Allister down, now its Harrison's story time! I put him in underpants, scary! We read "Going on a bear hunt" and "I love you Daddy". He knows the stories so well I have him finish my sentences!

2:00: Allister is still awake, so I rock him to sleep. I quietly put Allister's clean clothes from yesterday away and go downstairs, I do more laundry. I'm freeee! Although Harrison is still awake so im not counting my chickens! I do some more blog, right now as we speak! I speak :) Now time to clean some.

2:15: I clean the downstairs loo, and floor, thoroughly because, well you know why! I pick up all the toys, there's lots. Vacuum, sweep, dust and tidy. Harrison is still awake, I hear him! I go check on him, he is fine, we tickle kiss and I tell him to go to sleep.

3:00: So I'm done with cleaning for now, although I could always clean more and more! And both boys are asleep, or having quiet time at least. Harrison's quiet time is not so quiet though! So now I can chill for a bit, watch TV, do ironing, or some job off my to do list! Or sleep, exciting stuff in this house lol.

3:10: I decide to grab a snack and chill for 30Min's as I think the baby will be wanting to eat again very very soon! I watch a DVR'd episode of SYTYCD.

3:30: Baby wakes, I had 20 minutes of me time! I go get him, change his nappy and then bring him down. I feed him while watching the end of my show. Harrison is still awake, I wonder if he stayed clean?

4:00: I go get Harrison, lay the baby in his crib while I do. Hes dirty, but only a tiny bit, not bad as he just played for the whole time! I'm trying to teach him to tell me when he needs to go, for someone so verbal he's so quiet when it counts! I clean him up, check the room for mess, and pick up all his toys. He only has one small box of toys in his room, but he has emptied out every book on his bookshelf. I pick everything up and put it away, ready to be picked up again tomorrow! I wonder why I bother?

4:20: I get Harrison a small snack and drink, he plays and I quickly update this blog so I don't forget! I decide its time to hang out and play with my boys, but its too hot to go outside so we play inside. We play puzzles, Harrison and Guinness run up and down the house. We sing the ABC song and others, and play make the baby laugh! In the middle of all this, Harrison pees twice on the potty. Then climbs onto the basin. Then takes all the loo roll off the roll. Loo roll is toilet paper.

4:45 Look online for toilet paper saver child proof thingy.

5:00: I feed Allister some rice cereal mixed with breast milk. He noshes it down like a champ :)

5:15: I read the boys some more books.

5:45: Try and get baby to take a nap so go put him in his crib. Come down, Harrison peed in his underwear. Only accident of the day, for all I know he sat on the potty and just didn't pull them down. We have to work on that part! Clean him up.

5:55: Try and get hold of Daddy Matt so I can plan dinner! As usual no reply ;) Put Quinoa on to soak.

6:00: Try to guess if I should start dinner, wonder what time Matt is getting home? Email him and try to call again. nagging wife.
Cut up veggies for dinner, put oven on. Check on baby- Fast asleep! Nice.

6:15: Get hold of Matt, dinners at 7. Lay table, get Harrison snack of carrots and cucumber to tide him over till dinner as he is getting hungry and grumpy. Put Toy Story on again. Clean up the pee Harrison did in the Bumbo Chair thinking it was a potty!

6:30: Put dinner in oven. Chill for a bit.

6:40: Put Quinoa on and broccoli water to steam. get mail. Harrison peed on potty, take him to wash hands etc.

6:50: Baby wakes up, hurry to feed him before dinners is cooked! Turn all of dinner on to low, and feed baby. Harrison decides to go pee while I'm feeding Allister and tries to drag me over to his potty so I can deal with it, I get him to wait. then Harrison decides to sit and play with all the DVD boxes even though I tell him not too, and because he is pant-less catches his privates in something, and screams! I put the baby down and check his bits, he is fine and I'm sure he wont be playing with the DVDs again!

7:15: Finish feeding baby, Daddies home! Yaaay! Have dinner, Egg white Quiche, Broccoli and Quinoa with veggies in.

7:30: Do dishes, clean up. Pick up toys, again!

8:00: Daddy Matt puts Harrison to bed with a story while I bath Allister, then dress him for bed. Feed him, and read him a story.

9:00: Both boys are in bed and Harrison is fast asleep! The baby soon follows. I go to Kroger and get groceries.

9:45: Back from Kroger, put shopping away. Then we watch Dexter! Loving it :)

10:30: BED TIME! Oh yeah....

5:15am: We start all over again, but Allister slept in past Matt's alarm for the first time ever!

So there's a typical Mum day. Although I normally do leave the house with the boys, at least 3/4 days a week. We tend to go out after breakfast, to the park, pool, store, or just on the garden. But were staying home one more week for potty training. Then Ill brave leaving the house without nappies! Oh and we do try to watch less TV, but it helps with the potty training. Once we are done I'm going to go back to a TV ban before our naps.

That's all folks!

PS: There's probably a ton of typos here because I couldn't be bothered to proof read, not that that normally helps because I am rubbish with that sort of thing, but there's you are!
Also I think this must be my longest blog ever!
Also, I wonder why I am not skinnier with all the running around!

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Sarah @ said...

I love these sorts of posts and ordinarily I would write something witty about your day, but I'm new here and just can't peel my eyes away from the photos on your sidebar, so can I write about that instead? Your boys are too cute for words!!