Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random things.....

I can not keep Allister on his back right now!
Not even for 1 minute, as soon as I lay him anywhere -FLIP- hes on his tummy!
He then wiggles and worms and tries to get comfy. He napped on his tummy yesterday, again, and actually got himself to sleep. I'm hoping he gets comfy soon as he kept waking up in the night. I hate that he is on his tummy, squishing his little nose into the mattress, but what can you do! I have the fan on in his room to help with air circulation, and a tight fitted sheet. So I should relax, he is also 4 months now, which is a lot safer for him. But you cant help but worry!
I just put him down and he is already on his tummy, sleeping soundly with his hand in his mouth.

My lovely Harrison was back yesterday. He was a good boy for the most part.
He did his potty business all day, with zero accidents.
He went down for a nap, but he didn't nap. But at least he tried.
I went in to get him and he was naked again! From the waist down anyhow.
But clean and dry. As soon I went in to check him, he says "Potty Potty". I kind of know this is an excuse to get out of nap, but since he has had over an hour quiet time, and I'm teaching him to tell me when to potty I cant refuse. I take him to potty, he does nothing, and so we go downstairs and have some more quiet time in front of the TV.

This evening we had the MOTHER of all tantrums at bed time.
He was saving himself for a biggie.
He was screeching so much, he had snot running down his face and he even pulled my hair -hard- to get a reaction because I was ignoring him.
All you want to do is hug them, but it makes it worse!
I left him to calm down, and once he did I used our latest trick to get him to wind down for bed.
We snuggled in bed together, and watched the Sydney new years fireworks on my iPhone.
He kept saying "Bootiful eye-er-works mummy!"
Moments like these melt my heart and make it all worth while. I love my boys to pieces!

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