Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dry nights - Potty training update

Harrison had his first dry night last night! Such a big achievement for my little guy :)
We are not intentionally training for nights yet, but Harrison seems to want to train himself, so I don't want to ignore it and end up with a bed wetting boy. Boys tend to have a lot of problems staying dry up until they are much older kids, even past 6 years old, so I cant ignore this.
The last few nights Harrison has woke up crying at around 3am, with or without a nappy on. I figured out this is when he pee's at night. I have felt his nappy before and after he wakes, and its dry before and wet after. Also, on the night he's taken his nappy off, he has wet the bed right around this time.
So last night, Harrison slept with a nappy on. He woke up crying at 3:30am. Daddy goes in and Harrison is saying something we can't understand. So I ask Harrison to show me what he means, he leads me downstairs and I think its an excuse to play! He wonders around looking lost, so I ask him if he needs to go potty. He says yes, we take off his nappy and he goes.
Then goes back to bed without a fuss, although he doesn't go right back to sleep he stays awake for like 2 or more hours!
Anyhow, I go back to bed, and just as I get to sleep the baby wakes for a feed - typical!
So I feed Allister, and then check on Harrison who is still awake, he has removed his nappy. So I ask him if we can put it back on, he says no, so we put on underwear. This morning I make sure to go in and get Harrison as soon as he wakes and he is dry! Awesome huh!
We go straight to the potty and all is fine.
Ive heard some boys take forever to learn when they need to pee at night, hence why they wet the bed. So I really do not mind taking Harrison to potty once a night if it means no more Nappy's! Imagine if we can have no more nappy's, day and night, at 2, that thought makes me so happy. But I'm not pushing it, we will stick with getting a nappy on at night when we can, and if we cant then that's fine too.
I also ordered some special waterproof training pants for naps and the nights when he wont wear a nappy. They are not the crappy old vinyl undies, they are thicker than normal pants, with a fabric water proof outer. Harrison will still feel wet, but I don't mind that, that's how he will learn to stay dry, and if he wont wear a nappy or pullup then this is a good alternative to soaking wet sheets in the middle of the night and naps. I also thought he could wear them if we go out for longer day trips, or when he is likely to fall asleep in the car.

We also have made great progress on our outings. We have been to Target, and to dinner with Harrison in undies, and all was fine. I explain before we go out that he needs to potty, but he doesn't always go, he will learn that he needs to soon enough. Then we go and he does great. We went to BabbiesRus and went to the restroom there so he could see a public loo. Harrison sat on the potty, and we flushed and washed our hands, he was kind of scared and excited all at once! He was fascinated by the automatic tap! I figure we are better off trying out the public bathrooms when he doesn't need to go than having a panic when he does need to go! Also he needs to know that when we are out, he can ask to go potty.
When we get home, he goes straight to the potty so he held it great!

Ive read a lot online about potty training, but know where have I found a detailed explanation of things that kiddies need to learn. Things I had never thought of.
For instance, Harrison has had to learn that when he needs to go No.2 it comes in stages, not all at once like pee. He will start to go, then think he is done and wander off, then go back and do some more. He has finally figured out that he needs to stay on the potty, or at least in the loo, until he is done. This is great progress, and something I had never thought of!
He has also learned to take off his clothes and undies pretty regularly now, and all by himself.
He can flush fine, and just needs help with washing and wiping.

Anyway, that's our potty progress, isn't he doing great!

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