Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Potty progress :)

After such a success at first, we took a little potty break because Matt and I were getting a bit stressed, and that's not good for Harrison. I wish we hadn't! It was like starting all over again this time, I should have stuck it out and got rid of the nappys. Oh well, lesson learned! So we started over this week, and today we went on leaps and bounds!
We have not been napping well, and having lots of accidents, but I stuck with it! Today we napped without a nappy- I figured he took it off this morning anyway! And he had just been no 1&2 so I assumed we were good for an hour or two. And we were! He woke up dry and comfy.
Then this afternoon he took himself to the potty a few times to pee and we had a few accidents still.
A while later he started to walk like Charlie Chaplin! I told him to go potty and he did no.2! Then again before bed he did the same, on the big toilet. I'm so proud of my little guy :) he's doing so well, it's such a big step. (any mum will tell you how tough it can be to potty train! Those who don't yet- you wait :)) and he has been so against going poopers on the potty, even though he has done it a couple Of times.
So- that's it. I'm writing it here so I don't go back on my word. Nappy are for night time only! That's it. I know he's ready, he knows he is ready, so I just have to brave the risk of messy pants and remember a change of clothes!
I hope I'm doing the right thing.


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