Friday, July 9, 2010

Allister is 4 months today!

My little Chumble Chops is 4 months old today, didn't that go fast :)

He's such a big boy, in fact this top he is wearing is size 12 months, and it fits perfectly.
Allister is reaching lots of milestones now, he talks all the time, so cute. He is about to find his feet, he stares intensely at them, and has grabbed them once or twice. It wont be long until they are in that mouth!
Speaking of mouth, just about everything is in there right now! He is mouthing anything he can get those chubby little hands on, and drooling lots too!
He now rolls over both ways, he hates to roll onto his tummy, he screams like crazy when he does! He rolled from back to tummy for the first time on 3rd July.
He is working on sitting, and tries to pull himself up to stand all the time-I wonder if we will have another early walker?
I'm now putting him to bed at the same time as Harrison, and in his crib. Then when he wakes for his night feed (which last night was back to 4am, so much better!) I bring him back in to our room.
the 4 month milestone means we get to introduce sold food, if he is ready. We will start slowly, as we did Harrison. Harrison wasn't interested till 5 months, so we will see how he goes. He is a lot bigger than Harrison so he may want it sooner? I'm looking forward to having him sit with us at the dinner table like a proper family! I'm also hoping Harrison starts to make less mess at mealtimes or I'll have two lots of icky mess to clean up.
Allister has his 4 month well check up next week, I'll let you know how he does.

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