Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Super duper Tantrums.

Harrison is right in the throes of the terrible twos.
He goes from sweet adorable boy, to terror in the blink of an eye, or, more accurately the sight of a nap! Or his bedtime in general. He is climbing on everything, throwing things, food, drinks toys. Screaming a lot, and basically being a very terrible two year old.
Sometimes he doesn't want to wear a nappy, put on underwear, or PJ's at bedtime.
He doesn't want a story, then he does, he hides under the bed where we cant reach him, and runs kicking and screaming saying "upstairs upstairs!" He means downstairs.
I know all about the right way to deal with it, ignore the bad, praise the good, be consistent blah blah blah
But its SO HARD!
Its hard not to yell, scream and throw tantrums ourselves.
But we try.
We are the adults after all!
We still love and adore him, we just hope this phase passes very VERY quickly.
Right now we are treasuring the sweet adorable moments,
and trying to ignore the not so nice ones.
We are trying to set some boundaries and keep consistent with them and time outs, and it does seem to be working. We have to remember he has had a lot of changes lately, baby brother, new big boy bed, no Binky, no nappy's! Its allot for a little boy to take in.
We were more consistent yesterday and it did help lots, he still didn't nap, but went down last night fine. Today he has been a lot better too.
Watch this space.

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