Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Careful what you wish for!

Since we've been working on potty training I have been trying to teach Harrison to take of his underpants and trousers. Its funny, because most kids learn this very easily and start randomly taking off their clothes at inappropriate times. Well, we have been lucky enough not to have this problem... until now.

This morning I go into get Harrison up, he has been quietly playing in his room as usual, waiting for one of us to go get him.
He is naked from the waist down.
No nappy, no PJ bottoms.

"Stinky poopers!" Harrison exclaims, and the top of his dresser drawers!
Oh fun.
"Is there any more poopers?" I ask.

""Guinness eat."


I have no idea if Guinness really did eat any of the poop, I guess we will never find out!

So I search the room for remnants of poop, there's some on his feet, the bed, the carpet, on top of his rocking horse which he has been bare-bum riding!

Oh the joys of two year old's.
We will sure have a lot of funny stories to tell when Harrison is older.

Like the story about Auntie Julie and uncle Gary who, while potty training, pooped in the potty and then painted themselves with it.


Anonymous said...

see whilst harrison is your son and may appreciate that story! not! aunty jules and gazza might not! although knowing the fisk family and poo stories perhaps they will! lol

Anonymous said...

ps i am only anon cause i did not set up a account! i give you two guesses as to my identity! lol

TheBlakeFamily said...

Emmy-lou? TRD means Tired and Grumpy- its a inside joke from when Harrison was a boy.