Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We did it :)

We left the house in big boy pants, and no accidents were had!
We went to Avery Park, and played for around an hour.
It was a short first trip, but you have to start somewhere.

I also am starting to think the tantrums before nap time and linked to Harrison's inability to vocalize his need to potty before he goes to bed.
So today I said to him, he had 5 minutes to go potty before we nap.
So he went potty! And went to nap without much of a fight, there was a little fight, but not much.
He is all about control, I can't take him to potty, he likes to do it all by himself, if I try and take him he screams.
So I am hoping this will help. If I can give him warnings like "go potty, we have 5 minutes before we are leaving" etc etc it may just work!
It did today.

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