Saturday, July 10, 2010

A weekend of firsts!

I got interrupted and didn't write anything in this post lol :)

We had a fair few first on July 4th Weekend!

1: Allister got a little trim! His hair was crazy long at the sides. My boys never seem to lose their baby hair, strange. So his new hair is coming in thicka nd fast and his baby hair was getting longer and longer! Harrison has crazy hair when he was a baby too. We just trimmed the sides a little and kept the hair as a keepsake. We did the same with Harrison about the same age, I compare the hair and it was the exact same color! The only difference being Harrison's hair came through a lot fairer and Allister's seems a little darker, not as dark as when he was born, but still darker than Harrison's.

2: We went to see fireworks, that was a first for me, Harrison and Allister! Well, I have seen plenty of fireworks, but not 4th of July ones :)

3: Allister rolled over from back to tummy, he got stuck and screamed like crazy. He now will do it over and over, but fortunately he hasn't done it in his sleep yet. I hate when they first start sleeping on their tummy, I always want to roll them over, although apparently you don't have too.

Anyway, that was it!

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